Anacacho Orchid

Cherry Laurel

Screening Shrub

Suspension Viburnum

Screening/Wildlife Shrub

The Cherry Laurel is another tree/bush hybrid. It can become either depending on how it is trimmed. In nature the cherry laurel will grow to a height of 20Ft tall, but trimmed cherry laurels will stay around 8FT with proper maintenance. The Cherry Laurel is one of the hardiest shrubs for south texas and bird love the black berries it makes. Once established, can survive with rainfall alone. Evergreen.

​Height:8Ft-20FT x 6FT

Fullness: 9/10

Popular Shrubs We Grow/ Carry

The Anacacho Orchid has become popular in south Texas over the last few decades thanks to its hardiness and lovely white flowers in spring. The Anacacho can be grown as a tree or a shrub, and if you are looking for a flowering ornamental addition to your yard, you can't go wrong here!

​Height: 8-12FT x 8FT

Fullness: 6/10

The Red Tip is a quintessential privacy shrub thanks to its perfect height and excellent fullness. A well taken care of Red Tip will develop new foliage with a red color as the name would suggest. Red Tips make an excellent hedge row and can take south Texas conditions without breaking a sweat. Evergreen.

​Height: 10Ft x 6FT

Fullness: 9/10

Buy Mature Privacy/Screening/Flowering Shrubs In Helotes/ North San Antonio

Your average shrub can take up to 5 years or more to go from a newly planted seed to a full grown/mature bush. 5 years is a long time to wait! Luckily Wilson's Tree Nursery and Garden Center has you covered! We carry dozens of beautful and diverse shrubs in multiple sizes including extra large and ready to plant for privacy today! We put a lot of effort into growing healthy plants and trimming them just right. Infact, we use many methods that other retailers avoid because of cost and time issues. Believe it or not, many nurseries use little or no fertilizer on their plants. This causes a once healthy and vibrant plant to become dull and stunted. At wilson's we are growers too! that means we love our plants and use our own proprietary blend of fertilizers, rooting bags and custom soils. The difference is plain to see! Our shrubbery will grow fuller and larger than others in the same amount of time! If top quality, healthy shrubbery is important to you, then Wilson's is for you! Come see our garden Center on the North-West side of San Antonio next to old town Helotes! 14650 Bandera Road, 78023.

All Around Shrub

Red Tip Photinia

Flowering Shrub

The Suspension Viburnum is a great all around shrub. It is tall and full enough (6+FT) to create privacy, Its easy to trim into the perfect shape, its hardy and the deer will not touch it. Thanks to the jalepeno like taste, Suspension Viburnum is one of the most deer resistant shrubs in texas. Plus, the Suspension Viburnum is extremely drought resistant. Evergreen.

​Height: 6FT-8FT x 4FT

Fullness: 9/10