Native Range: Texas, North America, Europe, South America Sun/Shade: Prefers full sun

Flowers: Many colors to choose from: purple, white, pink, lavender-blue, red and variations between Blooms best in spring and fall. Landscape Use: The native form of this plant has beautiful lavender-purple flowers in spring seeding itself each year all over the country-side. But the native variety is seasonal and not dependable in the same spot year after year, nor does it like to be in nursery pots, so many hybrids have been developed that provide awesome color as well, lasting longer, but usually not longer than three or four years. Its cousin, Lantana, is more permanent but Verbena, in the first few years, outspreads and out-blooms Lantana, especially in spring; and so is very worthwhile as a stunning, fast growing groundcover. Some good landscape varieties are Moss, Homestead Purple, and Blue Princess Container Use: Is awesome in hanging baskets.

Size: 1’ to 2’ feet tall spreading 5’feet or more around. Moss Verbena is a popular variety that creeps close to the ground.

Type: A short-lived perennial at its best the first few years then gradually dieing out. Can be evergreen in winter.

Deer Resistance: Very deer resistant, more so than the hybrid Lantanas.

Butterflies: Butterflies love it.

Drought Tolerance: Very drought tolerant but looks best with regular watering.

Soil: Not particular about soil as long as it drains well and does not remain constantly wet. Does well in rocky soil or even better with soil enhancement.

Water: Smart Watering Principle=Water well when first planted then allow to dry slightly, without wilting, then water deeply again, etc. Easy Watering Principle= Water every day the first week; every second day the second week; every third day the third week; every fourth day the fourth week; every fifth day the fifth week. A soaking rainfall should last for about two weeks worth of watering. Do not keep constantly wet.

Fertilizer: Looks even better with regular fertilization.

Maintenance Tips: Trim lightly and often with weed-eater or clippers when it is actively growing to keep it more compact and less woody.

Rating: Rates high as a landscape plant. 

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