Sun/Shade: Prefers full sun; part shade OK

Flowers: Awesome purple and white or solid purple 6” spikes. Blooms first in spring but is most awesome in late summer/early fall lasting through freezing weather.

Size: Naturally grows in rounded shape about 4’ feet tall and 5’ feet wide within three years.

Type: Perennial (permanent) plant that faithfully returns from winter die-back each spring

Landscape Use: Excellent background plant or centerpiece. Can also be used as a shrub substitute with better color than traditional shrubs, for the growing season, but dies back in winter.

Container Use: Not thought of as a plant for containers but can do well with ample water, fertilization and trimming.

Deer Resistance: One of the most deer resistant plants. 
Drought Tolerance: Very drought tolerant but looks best with regular watering.

Water: Smart Watering Principle=Water well when first planted then allow to dry slightly, without wilting, then water deeply again, etc. Easy Watering Principle= Water every day the first week; every second day the second week; every third day the third week; every fourth day the fourth week; every fifth day the fifth week. A soaking rainfall should last for about two weeks worth of watering. Do not keep constantly wet.

Soil: Not particular about soil as long as it drains well and does not remain constantly wet. Does well in rocky soil or even better with soil enhancement.

Fertilizer: Responds well to flower fertilizer or lawn fertilizer but will still bloom without fertilization.

Maintenance Tips: If the older flowers become too long and unattractive in late fall, cut the plant back to the new emerging bottom growth for fresh flowers if a late freeze permits. Once a hard freeze makes the plant unattractive, cut it back to the ground and let it start fresh each spring.

Rating: This plant ranks very high.  It is one of the best. 

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Salvia Leucantha

Mexican Bush Sage

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