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Creeping Rosemary

Native Land: Mediterranean region

Sun/Shade: Prefers full sun; part shade OK

Flowers: Small light blue flowers mostly in winter and early spring. Is grown most for its aromatic and attractive foliage; good also for cooking.

Landscape Use: Excellent plant for spilling over walls; good as a ground cover.

Container Use: Great for spilling out of containers with taller plants in the center.  Can still look good even after missing a weekend of watering when other plants in the same pot nearly die.

Size: Up to 1’foot tall but may fall down several feet especially when trailing down from a wall

Type: Evergreen

Deer Resistance: One of the most deer- resistant plants known. Drought Tolerance: Very drought tolerant but looks best with occasional watering.

Soil: Not particular about soil as long as it drains well and does not remain constantly wet. Does well in rocky soil or even better with soil enhancement.

Water: Smart Watering Principle=Water well when first planted then allow to dry slightly, without wilting, then water deeply again, etc. A soaking rainfall should last for about two weeks worth of watering. Do not keep constantly wet.

Fertilizer: Does even better with mild doses of fertilizer but grows just fine without it.

Maintenance Tips: Cut back lightly when actively growing in the cooler growing season to keep the plant from looking woody in its center.  Do not cut back severely during hot weather. Is much more dependable year after year than its upright cousin.

Rating: Rates very high as a xeric plant trailing over walls.

Rosmarinus ‘Prostratus’