Tecoma stans

Native Land: West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona  

Sun/Shade: Prefers full sun Flowers: Large yellow bell shaped flowers beginning with the heat of summer and lasting through fall. An orange colored variety is also available. Looks best during the middle of the summer heat. The yellow blooms longer than the orange.

General Information: Esperanza means hope in Spanish. It lives up to its name by providing the confident hope that we will enjoy its awesome color each and every summer, even in the middle of our hottest Texas weather.

Landscape Use: Use as a background color plant or centerpiece. Can also be used as a hedge for summer months.

Container Use: Can do well in containers with light potting soil, careful watering and fertilization.

Size: By the end of summer can reach six feet tall and four feet wide. Type: Flowering perennial that dies to the ground in winter but returns faithfully by mid-April speeding up its growth with the summer heat.

Deer Resistance: Moderately Deer resistant. Have been complaints with Deer eating the flowers.

Drought Tolerance: Very drought tolerant but looks best with regular, careful watering.

Soil: Not particular about soil as long as it drains well and does not remain constantly wet. Does well in rocky soil or even better with soil enhancement.

Water: Smart Watering Principle=Water well when first planted then allow to dry slightly, without wilting, then water deeply again, etc. A soaking rainfall should last for about two weeks worth of watering. Do not keep constantly wet.

Fertilizer: Responds well to flower fertilizer or lawn fertilizer but will still bloom without fertilization.

Maintenance Tips: Train into a tree-form for a neater look or sheer off the top frequently, like a shrub, to create a summer shrub.

Rating: Rates high