Johnny Jump Ups

Summary: Johnny Jump Ups are the smaller flowered Pansies sometimes called “Violas.” Although smaller, they produce more flowers on each plant. They are also tougher than the larger Pansies looking good longer into early summer. 
They do well in the ground or in pots. Johnny Jump Ups look good close up and accent other cool season flowers providing subtle landscape elegance. 
There are many colors to choose from. 
They can be planted successfully from fall through early spring. 
They normally peak in color in spring but also provide nice color in winter. 
They can thrive in our coldest winter. 
They do not look well, however, in the mid-summer heat but may survive it with some shade 
and ample water. For best results, plant them in early spring or fall in full sun. 
They may re-seed themselves in the garden but are best when planted each year. If planted in fall, you may reasonable expect to receive eight months of good color. 
Deer love to eat Johnny Jump Ups. 
They are not considered “xeriscape” plants but when planted in their proper season, like bluebonnets, do just fine. 
They are “annual” plants, plants which provide color for a season or two, not perennials, plants that return from freezing weather each spring and that are considered permanent. 

Viola cornuta