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# 14—Lacey Oak (Quercus laceyi)

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Our information is based upon decades of loving trees, learning about trees, growing trees, maintaining trees, talking about trees, selling trees. planting trees, watching trees grow, enjoying the beauty of trees and being grateful to God for creating trees!

“The Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground—trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food.” “And God saw that it was good.” (Genesis 2:9; 1:12)

Strengths and Weaknesses Listed

 All trees have weaknesses and strengths. In order to thoroughly evaluate a tree, you should consider both. Let me begin by offering some strengths of Lacey Oak and then I will describe some weaknesses. You will be happy to discover that this trees strengths overcome its weaknesses! In fact, from our viewpoint, Lacey Oak is near the top of the list coming in at #14 But perhaps, it will become your number #1 choice.

The Name: Lacey Oak
What a great tree. Lacey Oak is named after Howard Lacey who loved and collected Lacey Oaks from his property near Kerrville.

Strength: The “Blue Oak”
And then there is that other common name for Lacey Oak that gets your attention: “Blue Oak.” Who wouldn't want to have an Oak tree with blue leaves! Well, the leaves aren't really blue but they are a kind of smoky blueish gray. You can really appreciate their color when they are seen in the foreground with other trees like Live Oaks in the background. Then you can clearly see the color distinction which is really pretty. It would be a great idea for people with a lot of natural Live Oaks to plant a Lacey Oak or two since they compliment one another. The leaves are shaped like a Post Oak leaf or miniature version of Bur Oak.

Strength: One Tough Tree!
Now this is one of the toughest drought tolerant trees along with Live Oak. You could safely plant this tree at planting sites where you know they would not be able to be watered after establishment. Of course, the tougher the conditions, the slower the growth rate. Add some good soil and some water and you can speed up the growth rate of an otherwise slow grower. Slow is not always bad because that slow top growth is establishing itself as a true survivor. In my own yard Hill Country yard I planted a Lacey Oak in a tough spot. Very shallow caliche and rocky soil. I hardly watered it after the first year. For years after that it seemed to sit there until one year I decided to add some good soil around it. I made a large wide berm with about 6” inches of topsoil and started watering it and what a difference in growth rate it made. Now, I'm back to not watering and it is really looking good though at the time of this writing we are currently in a bad drought.

Strength: Small But Impressive
Lacey Oak barely meets the criteria for a shade tree. It does not get that big and it takes a while to provide shade. It is, however, shade for the eyes, because it is pleasant to look at. I am always impressed when I look up from my driveway and see it thriving while other trees are suffering. It would be good for smaller yards or spaces where you don't want a huge tree. A tree does not have to be large to be attractive.

Strength: Resistant to Oak Wilt
Lacey Oak is believed to be resistant to Oak Wilt, a disease that especially effects Live Oaks.

Strength: Pinkish New Leaves in Spring
When Lacey Oaks first leaf out in spring the leaves are a pretty peachy pink color that gradually darken into a smokey bluish-green- gray color.

Strength: Fall Foliage
Lacey Oaks usually offer fall foliage hue of yellow to orange to brown.

All trees have weaknesses and strengths. In order to thoroughly evaluate a tree, you should consider both. You will be happy to discover that this trees strengths overcome its weaknesses!

Weakness: Not a Large Shade Tree
As has been mentioned, Lacey Oak barely makes the large shade tree category. It is a bit large to to include in our “Small Ornamental Tree” category. It will provide some shade if placed in the right spot. It will, perhaps, reach 30' feet tall and about 20' feet wide eventually.

Weakness: Slow to Moderate Grower
If you are looking for fast growth Lacey Oak may not be the best choice. Perhaps a growth rate of around 1' foot per year could be expected. You can speed this growth rate up with some added topsoil and occasional watering.

Weakness: Availability And Price
Lacey Oak is not as available at nurseries as is other trees. This, in combination with its slow growth, necessitates that it be sold at a higher price than other trees of similar size.

Lacey Oaks For Sale At Wilson's
We usually have Lacey Oaks available. Typically these are sold as 5 gallon, 15 gallon, 30 gallon and 45 gallon. Larger trees are occasionally available as well.

A Blessing For You
We hope that this plant information helps you as you search for that perfect tree. Whichever tree you choose, may it bring you many years of beauty and peace.

May you and your tree be “like a tree planted by streams of water which yields its fruit in season and whose  leaf does not wither.” (Psalm 1:3)

Glenn Wilson at Wilson Landscape Nursery has grown these lovely trees from acorns and knows just about everything about their needs. Give him a call or come into our Native Texas Tree Farm for more info on the Lacey Oak or to browse our selection of Lacey Oaks to buy.

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Quercus laceyi

Lacey Oak Tree

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